Carmen Agra Deedy

Carmen Agra Deedy, is an award-winning author of fifteen books for young readers, including The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet!, Martina the Beautiful Cockroach, Rita and Ralph’s Rotten Day, and 14 Cows for America, a New York Times Bestseller. Her latest books are, Wombat Said Come In, released in October 2022, and Carina Felina, released in August 2023.

Her personal stories first appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered. Funny, insightful, and frequently irreverent, Deedy’s narratives are culled from her childhood as a Cuban refugee in Decatur, Georgia. She is host of the four-time Emmy-winning children’s program, Love That Book!


You want your children to write imaginative stories? Let them play. Allow them to be bored and resist the urge to mitigate that tedium. Stories are always there, waiting to be conjured; but first, kids need to be bored out of their ever-loving minds.

Carmen Agra Deedy

Deedy is also an accomplished lecturer, having been a guest speaker for the Library of Congress, Columbia University, both the TED and TEDx Conference, and the Kennedy Center, among other distinguished venues. An editor, and life-long advocate for libraries, she serves on the Advisory Board of Smithsonian Libraries and Archives.