Carina Felina artwork for CoverCarmen Agra Deedy, New York Times bestselling author and one of Scholastic’s most talented and cherished storytellers, retells a hilarious folktale set in Havana, Cuba.

Illustrated by the brilliant, award-winning artist, Henry Cole. The trouble started when Pepe the parrot fell in love with . . . a CAT!

Hoping to win her paw, he invited her to his house for dinner. But within moments of arriving ― with a gobble and a gulp ― Carina swallowed that love-sick parrot whole!

And he was just the appetizer! In this Cuban retelling of a classic folktale, Carmen Agra Deedy and Henry Cole merge their talents to create a wickedly funny and inspiring picture book that proves the smallest of creatures can sometimes possess the most surprising strength!

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"The responsibility of the writer is to take every injurious word, every moment of heart-stopping wonder, every slithering fear, every joy you have ever experienced, and create something that will make the rest of us believe that this luminous and sometimes brutal life is worth living."


Carmen Deedy

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