Upcoming Performances

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10 thoughts on “Upcoming Performances

  1. I so enjoyed meeting you and hearing your stories at the VEMA (now VaASL) convention this past weekend in Richmond, VA. We had a great “pre-celebration before the CC dinner” didn’t we? Wanted you to know – I am a National Board Certified Teacher, and will take a lot of your great wisdom back to the library with me. Muchas gracias, amiga mía, y espero que el día nos volvamos a encontrar.

  2. I just happen to read my students one of your books today! Realized I had not seen you since girl scouts, ages I know, so I looked up your website and saw you are going to be two miles from my house tomorrow!!! I’m so excited I can hardly wait!!!

  3. I host an interview on ABC station in Tampa, FL. I would like to know if Ms Deedy will be in the Tampa Bay area in September.
    I will be hosting a series of interviews for National Hispanic Heritage Month and would like to include her, if possible.
    Cordially, Lissette Campos , Director of Community Affairs, WFTS TV
    (813) 354-2859

  4. ENJOYED Your storytelling for ben hill primary was excellent. CONTACT ME THROUGH EMAIL BY THE SAME NAME VIA FACEBOOK

  5. It was like a holiday or a big festival every time you visit a school. Faculty, Staff, and students never have enough of you and keep talking about you for days. Ms. Deedy, you are my hero. Thank you for everything!

  6. I’m excited to see what upcoming (March, April, May 2016) public performances Carmen has. My son goes to Dyer Elementary and woke up Thursday night/Friday morning with that stomach bug. He’s so sad he missed her. The school was excited to have her, so they really got the kids excited too. Hope we are able to see her soon!

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