Cat Bookface!

This post from the Cheshire Public Library in Cheshire, CT was too great not to share! Be sure to check out their Instagram for more great book recommendations and bookfaces.

Do you have any bookfaces to share with us as well?


Exciting Things are Happening!

Artwork by Mo Willems (I LOVE him!)

So many wonderful and exciting things have been happening! For starters, The Cheshire Cheese Cat, won a Cybil in the Science Fiction & Fantasy category! It always means a lot when the readers pick your book, especially when you’re up against so many other fabulous titles (I’m looking at you A Monster Calls!).

To top off the excitement of winning a Cybil, The Cheshire Cheese Cat has been nominated for an Indies Choice award in the Middle Reader category! It is in great company, so be sure to check out the whole nominees list here.

Lastly, SLJ’s Battle of the Books has officially started! Unfortunately, The Cheshire Cheese Cat did not make it to the next round. Sy Montgomery had a tough choice between two very different books. Chime went home the winner of the round, but Montgomery had some lovely things to say about The Cheshire Cheese Cat.

“The book works on several levels. The literary allusions are hilarious for those in the know. The fast-paced plot has as many twists as London’s alleys. The authors (one of whom, Randall Wright, is a bit of a Dickens scholar) let loose with some fabulous words here (Ready for some hookem-snivey? There’s plenty to be had in these pages.) And along the way, readers will find that enemies can become friends, learn how to make a good apology, and discover the power of the pen—even if the actual writing implement is really….well, you’ll see.”

(excerpt from Battle of the Books Review. Read the whole post here.)


SLJ Battle of the Books

That’s right, folks! The Cheshire Cheese Cat is a part of School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books! Sixteen books are chosen and fight through four rounds to crown the ultimate champion. Judges are chosen in each round to read two books and chose one to move to the next round in March Madness style brackets. In round one, The Cheshire Cheese Cat is up against the YA fantasy Chime by Franny Billingsley. Check out the brackets below and be sure to visit the Battle of the Books website. http://www.battleofthebooks.slj.com


School Library Journal Names Best Books of 2011

Thank you so much to School Library Journal for listing The Cheshire Cheese Cat as one of the Best Fiction Books of 2011.

“Rich in lofty language and vivid characterization, and artfully embellished by Moser’s expressive illustrations, this laugh-out-loud tale is one to savor.”

Be sure to see who else made the list here.