SLJ Battle of the Books

That’s right, folks! The Cheshire Cheese Cat is a part of School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books! Sixteen books are chosen and fight through four rounds to crown the ultimate champion. Judges are chosen in each round to read two books and chose one to move to the next round in March Madness style brackets. In round one, The Cheshire Cheese Cat is up against the YA fantasy Chime by Franny Billingsley. Check out the brackets below and be sure to visit the Battle of the Books website. http://www.battleofthebooks.slj.com


School Library Journal Names Best Books of 2011

Thank you so much to School Library Journal for listing The Cheshire Cheese Cat as one of the Best Fiction Books of 2011.

“Rich in lofty language and vivid characterization, and artfully embellished by Moser’s expressive illustrations, this laugh-out-loud tale is one to savor.”

Be sure to see who else made the list here.


In the Company of Some Incredible Mice

Jonathan Hunt, who writes the Mock Newbery Blog, Heavy Medal, on the School Library Journal website put together a two part series of book reviews. The first, Of Mice…, features books full of glorious mice, while his second post, …and Men, looks at books all about interesting and famous men. The Cheshire Cheese Cat has found its way onto the list of exceptional mice (although there is an interesting sounding book on Charles Dickens in the …and Men post!). Be sure to check out the post to read about The Cheshire Cheese Cat as well as such wonderful titles as Bless this Mouse (Louis Lowry) and Young Fredle (Cynthia Voigt).