Save the Date!

Wonderfully read by the fabulous Katherine Kellgren & the ever-dashing Robin Sachs. You may listen to the first chapter here.

4 thoughts on “Save the Date!

  1. Dear Carmen Agra Deedy,
    This was such a great book. It really made me feel like i was in the book by your intonation and details. Expecilly when you said “SCRAT CAT” SO GOOD, any ways i dont want to keep you so long but i just wanted to tell you that your book was great, awsome, very creative.
    Meagan C. a forth grader at Chets Creek Elemantry.

  2. I like this book. You can tell where the setting is and stuff. I wish I could buy the real book because that is AMAZING , I liked the vocies when it was reading to us.
    I also like Martina , the beautiful cokroach that’s my ABSOLUTE favorite book you’ve wirrten.
    You are a great wirter from all the books I’ve read.
    YOU ARE A OUTSTANDING WRITER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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