James Preller’s Blog? Why Yes, Please.

Carmen had the opportunity to do a FABULOUS interview with the marvelous and erudite, James Preller. They discuss all things Cheshire Cheese Cat and more! It’s a great way to learn more about how the book came to be, as well as get a sneak peek at Barry Moser’s artwork for the book. You can read the full interview here.

2 thoughts on “James Preller’s Blog? Why Yes, Please.

  1. Hola my name is Sellers and I am in the fifth grade at Trinity school. You have recently visited Trinity school, with an amazing story that I cannot get over. I am still laughing about it with my friends to! I love your writing and story telling! You make me to write even more. I think that your story telling is very inspiring! I would also like a few tips on how to really grab the readers attention. If you can maybe visit my blog and possibly comment on it and maybe even give it to one of your friends who writes. Sellers!
    My email is sellhowl@gmail.com and my blog is http://trinityweblog.org/selcr1213/
    I am commenting on your blog to see if it actually commented! : )

    • Hi Sellers,

      Thank you for visiting Carmen’s blog! We will be adding a “For Kids” section soon where Carmen will be answering questions from readers. Check back for it later. I will be sure to have “Tips on how to grab readers attention” as one of the first issues we talk about!


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